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Corporate Training

Anna Russo
Anna Russo's Corporate Workshops

Attract the future you want

Frustrated because you're not getting the results you want?
Do you have problems communicating and relating to others? Is communication important to you? Are old responses getting in your way? If your answer is "yes" Success Strategies can assist you in making these changes.

When you learn how NLP will help you improve your communication skills, a new world will open up for you in:
    Personal Development
    Education (parents, teachers, students)
    Overall Communication and Rapport

The only person with the power to change is you!
If you are not getting the results you want it is time to revisit how you are communicating. Corporate Training provides employees with skills, tools, and knowledge that companies need to make an impact in the business world. To keep up in the current business world employees need to grow. To be successful at work, employees need to receive periodic training to make changes that lead to On Target results.

We Provide Corporate Training In:
Team Building
Decision Making

Problem Solving
Design clear outcomes
Ask the Right Question

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Communication: Creating An Impact

Did you know that 93% of human communication is non-verbal?

Have you ever talked to someone and no matter what you said, you couldn't get your point across?

According to studies, this is because the majority of our communication is NOT the words we say!

Anna Russo will guide you through techniques that will allow you to gain INSTANT rapport with your family members, anyone you meet, as well as those who are difficult to get along with, and people at work.

    Increase your personal choices and flexibility
    Learn to "melt the ice" quickly and read people accurately
    Apply positive approaches to resolving conflicts
    Influence others outside of their awareness
    Change potential into accomplishment
    Learn the essentials to team building, cooperation, and group dynamics

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NLP Practitioner Certification Program

Imagine A New You!

Why Should You Take the NLP Practitioner Training Program?
NeuroLinguistic Programming through communication, strategies and language patterns will assist you to achieve the results you are looking for.

How Does It Work?
As human beings, we all process information through the five senses. This explains the reason why two people may be looking at the same situation and come up with different responses - because each individual views things differently based on assumptions, beliefs and values.

What Will You Learn:
How to gain rapport immediately, even with difficult people
How to read people accurately even before they respond with words
How to listen
How to motivate self and others
Language of influence
Strategies to produce positive results

Strategies for decision making
Learn how to resolve conflicts
Communicate ideas powerfully and effectively
Remain calm in stressful situations
Increase your productivity
Clear direction about your life goals
Essential ingredients for team-building and cooperation
Ask the Right Question

NLP will provide you with the skills and strategies that are necessary in life to achieve your desired outcome.

Who Would Benefit From These Trainings?
Everyone from the CEO to the company staff, educators, at-home parents, students and anyone that is interested in taking charge of their life to produce results that are beneficial for everybody involved.
If being successful is important to you?
These skills apply in every area of your life. Then this training is a must! You have what it takes to be successful; otherwise you wouldn't have taken the opportunity to read this. Take the next step to create the life you desire by joining the NLP Practitioner Program.

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program

Master Human Skills

Identify the connection between your mind, emotion, communication and behavior.
If you are looking for this program, you already know the value of NLP and its powerful results and you have been through the Practitioner Program. This Master Practitioner Program will help you integrate what you have already learned and make it part of your life.

In Addition, You Will Learn:
    Uncover the complexities of human behavior (Meta Programs)
    Learn the advanced language of influence to create results
    Learn how to produce successful results through modeling
    Learn advanced reframing techniques
    Learn the fundamentals of modeling

These Programs Are For You If You Are:
    In Business
    In Education, the Arts, or Sports Performance
    Interested in Improving Communications
    In a Leadership Role

    NLP Practitioner Program Completion

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How to Ask the Right Question!

Improve the Quality of Your Communication

Increase your ability to communicate with proven strategies for asking the right questions. Learn how to hone your verbal skills and eliminate confusion in your day-to-day conversations.

    Learn the outcome for the question
    How to listen to the message
    Stop internalizing
    Learn what the communication really about
    How to clarify information
    How to elicit quality information
    When to be specific and when to be ambiguous

This workshop is for people that want to improve the quality of their communication.
Hone your verbal skills, save time, and eliminate confusion in your day to day conversations.

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Communication Tools for Effective Parenting

Help your Children Create Their Future

Are you concerned about your child's behavior, lack of respect and motivation?
You want to guide your children to make better choices, don't you? Instead of being a victim of their patterns, learn to help them form positive communication and homework habits. Create a partnership with teachers, yourself, and your kids for better results. In this workshop, Success Strategies will show you how to get their attention, apply strategies to stay focused and value learning. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Life Coaching

Anna Russo, Certified Life Coach

People are increasingly recognizing gaps between where they are and where they want to be.
Life coaching is now available to help you achieve the results that you really want.

Why Hire a Life Coach?
Do you have problems communicating?
Do you have unfulfilled relationships?
Do you need help problem solving?
You can see where the problems are, but aren't sure what to do about them?
Life is not working, but you can't pinpoint where the block is?
Everyday you go through the motions, but don't feel truly alive?
Do you talk about making changes but never get around to making them?
Is there something "missing" in your career but you can't put your finger on it?
Do you find you have conflicts in relationships at work, with family or with yourself?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it's time to get a life coach!

Let's face it - our world is hectic and fast-paced. Who hasn't felt that their schedule is out of control, that they don't have enough time for the pople who are important to them, and that they don't have any time to themselves? There is a systematic and proven way to render life more satisfying and less chaotic - Life Coaching!

What Is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is about living your life in alignment with what is important to you. Coaching helps you recreate and design your life with balance and fulfillment! It is done with a coach who serves as a personal trainer, providing support throughout the process, step-by-step, as you reach your desired outcomes. It is a relationship based on mutual respect. A coach keeps you focused on a vision and helps you realize long-term fulfillment and excellence in your life; a coach can help you to live the life you envision for yourself and for those that you love.

Are You Ready To Take Charge Of Your Life?
The fast pace of our world doesn't leave room for many mistakes. Are you tired of drifting away from your goals? Coaching can get you where you want to go easier and faster; it gives you clarity, and helps you to discover what other choices are available to you. Coaching helps you think outside of the box!

What Will Coaching Do For Me?

Personal Benefits:
Assistance in designing your life
Remove fears and learn to make positive changes in your life and relationships
Become focused and stay on track
Eliminate chaos, and learn to prioritize
Effective time management skills
Tap into your talents, creativity, and confidence
Experience more joy and fulfillment in your life
Discover what strategies will assist you to get the results you're looking for
Align your values - what's really important to you

Professional Benefits:
Be more present to provide greater service to clients and associates
Rejuvenate enthusiasm for your work
Make progress toward your professional goals
Set new financial goals
Be enthusiastic about going to work

Who Will Benefit?
You Can! If you want to stay on track and achieve your goals. If you want to intentionally shape and direct your own life, YOU can benefit from a Life Coach!

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Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification

We Help People Stretch Their Vision!

Intensive training with Anna Russo will change your life.
Through integrating NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, you will be able to use hypnosis personally, professionally or in a therapeutic setting.

You Will Learn and Gain:
How to produce change through self-hypnosis
Healing and hypnosis
Hypnosis: A historical perspective
Rapport and the resistant client
Ericksonian language patterns as indirect suggestion
Hypnosis and health (the mind-body connection)
Induction and utilization

Associational strategies
Induction procedures
Unconscious signaling
Induction techniques
Direct hypnotic patterns
Pain Control
Balance through exploration of deep self

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Anna Russo's Coaching Will Transform Your
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